SO… you’ve found an appropriate office space to carry out your further business… Well, kudos to that, mate!

But as office relocations come with complications of it’s own, proper planning is paramount!

Or else you may find yourself in a situation where:

Boxes and plastic wrap present everywhere…People still packing, and in doing so running out of packaging essentials…While the rest of your employees loiter around blatantly without knowing where to go!

Like or not; but you will be in the middle of everything- either worrying sick pulling your hair or fiddling with a crucial question-

“Is There An Easier Way To Deport All This Stuff To The New Workplace?”

You’re in luck, mate, cause that’s what Richards Gold Coast Removals” is all about! Labelling as a trustworthy moving company in the Gold Coast region; our professional movers have performed countless office relocations seamlessly.

Using that real-time field knowledge, they will counter whatever moving difficulties come their way during operation.

Rushing Things To Complete It Quickly:

Quick office removals

When planning an office move, it is very easy to rush into things and get it done quickly. This doesn’t help. This mostly happens when you decide to move at the last-minute.

Furthermore, when you rush your office you often compromise these aspects:

  • Items getting misplaced, damaged or even broken.
  • Disorganised packing or incorrect labelling on boxes.
  • Overlooking logistic necessities promises
  • And winding up with disreputed moving companies having a stained customer reputation.

Our local/interstate removalists in the Gold Coast region will prevent all this from happening, provided you book them a few days ahead of your move schedule. We would not want to rush into anything- especially in something so crucial as an office relocation.

Our experts will come to your office and arrange everything properly and safety into appropriate storage boxes and labels. They will pack everything bit by bit so that on move day, everything handles out seamlessly.

Complications In Tackling IT Equipment:

Moving computers, servers and other key IT equipment are complicated operations. And so, its best carried out with trained professionals with heaps of moving experience.

Our skilled removalists will disconnect, pack and transport every IT equipment safety, and on reaching the new location even assist your team to unpack it and reinstall it right!

Possible Injuries:

Injury During Removals

One of the biggest hazards of office relocation is employee injury. When lifting and moving heavy boxes- there is always the chance of tripping or sustaining a back injury.

With us around; you don’t need to put yourself, and your employees at such high risk. Every relocation comes with its own set of complexities, and potential injuries exist in every one of them.

So keeping this in mind, our Gold Coast removalists will wear gloves with grips, safety glasses, hard hats and even being other key tools like stepladders and packing essentials to pack everything efficaciously without causing injury to anyone.

Not Paying Attention To Public Liability Insurance:

Another precious aspect that most office owners forget is properly checking if their movers have public liability insurance or not!

Protecting your office belongings is crucial when being on the move, and only a top-rated moving company with a good customer satisfaction record can provide that.

Lucky for you, Richards Gold Coast Removals”, promises to safeguard all your important office assets with our public liability insurance coverage regardless of the transportation distance.

Underestimating The Number Of Items To Be Relocated:


Many office owners underestimate the number of items that they look to relocate. This includes the number of trucks, packaging boxes or manpower needed.

We request you not to make this mistake and access your relocation requirements well ahead of your MOVE DAY. Our experts will be more than happy to listen and provide everything you want. Plus, they will even provide you with some noteworthy tips to make your office move more flawless.

So, there you have it- some of the biggest office relocation mistakes to avoid. Get in touch with our experts and convey your relocation needs, location and date.

Richards Gold Coast Removals”; your trustworthy relocation company in Gold Coast will make it happen better than you ever expected.

That’s Our Promise To You!

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