Moving is a stressful ordeal because more often than not, most homeowners tend to get carried away with the fact that they have several things to cater to. Moving to a new place with all your furniture and other belongings is no easy feat, and that is probably why hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast is so essential these days. But just like every other service provider, hiring professional removalists is tricky.

When I search for professional removalists on the web, there are thousands of results that come. How can I know which ones are good and which aren’t? I am no expert, and if I make the slightest of mistakes, I could quickly end up paying over the odds for movers who are inappropriate.   

Unfortunately, these are dilemmas which most people face and to be honest; there are no two ways about it unless you plan it correctly.

So what’s the plan? Well, there are many, but mostly the right kind of questions does the trick. Yes, you need to be sure of the movers you are hiring, and that is why asking them several questions is necessary before you hire them.

Through their answers, you can ascertain whether the removalist is good enough or not.


Some of the most commonly asked questions are:-

 Now, the chances are that one of the first things that you will do after searching for removalists is called them up. This usually is the initial communication between the mover and you. Now, during the telephonic conversation, you can somewhat get affair idea of what the movers are capable of. If they don’t show the enthusiasm or speaks with you rudely, you can immediately look for other alternatives.

However, if the conversation is positive, you can start asking the two vital questions.


Are you experienced? Can you provide me referrals of clients you have served?


This usually should be one of the first questions that you should ask the furniture removalists in Gold Coast. Ideally, experienced professionals are better placed to provide you better quality services, but you need to be careful about this.

Being experienced doesn’t necessarily mean that they have served the most number of clients and vice versa. Precisely, for this reason, you need to check the referrals to ascertain whether their experience is genuine or not.


How much will you charge?


This should be your next question, and it’s just as important as the first. Now, the price will vary from one company to the other. Some of the movers will charge you on the volume of goods they have to move while some of them will do so for the amount of time they have invested. Ideally, you should always look for companies that provide a fixed price quote. This will at least ensure that the companies don’t overcharge you in the end.

So these are two of the most critical questions that you need to ask. There are apparently several other questions that you need to ask, but these two are undoubtedly the most vital of all.

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