There is no fact denying that the process of both house and office removal is always going to be stressful. No matter how daunting the process is, it needs to be done to perfection. Shifting is not a one day task; instead, it tests the nerves for more than a month. Right from arranging, packing, moving and dumping to unpacking all are included in a complete shifting process. The whole lists of the things need to be perfect for a perfect of mind.

The D-day is always going to be scary. Out of the worries, few things go out of the track. However, avoiding those things would make the relocation a smooth process.

Here are some of the common mistakes that many people do on the day of shifting-


  1. Forget labeling the Boxes

Forget Labelling the Boxes

Out of rush, people forget to put up labels on the boxes they pack. On the last day of the shifting, it becomes a hectic one to figure out what all kinds of stuff are present in the packages. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the labeling be done as soon as the boxes are filled. “FRAGILE”, “COMMODITIES”, “EATABLE”, and “EMERGENCY” etc. are some of the tags that can be used according to the packaging. An unlabeled box creates confusion and makes the work of the removalists tough.


  1. Do not go For Unpacking

Do not go For Unpacking

On the day of shifting, the removalists from Gold Coast suggest not to unpack the packed boxes in search of important things. A separate box should be made for the items that are to be packed in the final moments. The experts say that unpacking any box is way easier than packing. Also, littering the cleaned up house in search of odds and ends is nothing except dawdling.


  1. Creating the Last Day Inventory

    Creating the Last Day Inventory

Many people rely on the checklist that they make for the to-do things on the final day. Preparing the inventory list few days in advance is going to relieve from all sorts of stress. On the other hand, preparing the checklist on the final day is going to make things worse. One can forget the important things either in the house or while loading. The inventory helps in tracking down the proper shifting of the items.


  1. Keeping space for the Removalists

Keeping space for the Removalists

It is essential to make sure that proper space is reserved for the removalists to park their vehicle and space to load and unload the items. Securing space in advance helps in saving time and labour. At times, booking space might need permission to be sought from the concerned authorities. Ensuring a proper place is the responsibility of the person who is going to shift.


  1. Disassemble Items in Advance

Disassemble Items in Advance

According to the local removals from Gold Coast, dismantling the portable items like furniture, fans few days in advance. The reason is that on the day of shifting, the small parts or the accessories like screws, bolts might get lost in the transit rendering the system paralysed.



The last minutes hacks to avoid a mess are useful for the proper shifting. Moving with professional movers like Richards Gold Coast Removals can be picture perfect only when the clients stay away from making the above mistakes. Therefore, there is nothing to panic on the final day. Instead, staying calm and composed is always going to get things impeccable.

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