Moving house has never been so easy. From organising all your household items to sorting them and packing in individual cartons, house relocation has always been a nerve-wracking experience to most homeowners. When it comes to moving precious collectables, it becomes even more difficult. It’s likely you will not want your treasured possession to break or get damaged during the move.

Antiques and other irreplaceable collectables are delicate items and require protected packaging so that they remain in good condition throughout the transit. Packing delicate collectables in big cartons is not something to be done single-handedly. That is why a majority of people seek help from professional removalists for moving antiques and collectables during an interstate move.

Here are a few pro tips for transferring your treasured possession in a damage-free state.

Ask the Removalists for Insurance Cover

Are you feeling nervous about dealing with the irreplaceable collectables? Planning to hire professional removalists for a hassle-free move? Ask the removal experts whether they provide insurance coverage. Having insurance coverage for delicate collectables offers peace of mind as you will be indemnified with the purchase value of the collectables in case of loss or damage of goods while moving. If you have not appraised your antiques before, it’s a good time to appraise them before the final move.

Get the Right Packaging Supplies

Unlike regular household stuff, precious collectables need extra protection to bear the heavy load during the move. The right packing supplies will help your treasured possession remain intact and safe throughout the transit. The essential supplies for packing collectables include:

  • Sufficient Bubble Wraps
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Packing Papers
  • Sturdy Cartons
  • Packing Tapes
  • Furniture Pads
  • Soft Cushioning

With all these supplies at your disposal, you can expect a safe and damage-free move of your pricey items.

Wrap Collectables in Sturdy Cartons

If you get all the packing supplies at your disposal, you can be assured of a safe transfer by the interstate removalists in Gold Coast. The idea of using all these packing supplies is to ensure your treasured items can bear external force. Before you place them in cartons, wrap them with sufficient bubble wraps and cushion pads. It’s not advisable to use clothes or towels as they may slip. Pack them in sturdy cartons and secure with good quality packing tapes to prevent damage.

Labelling Each Carton is a Must

Whether you are packing regular household stuff or antiques, labelling is a must in order to identify them at the time of unpacking. The interstate removalists always recommend labelling each carton having delicate items as ‘fragile’. By doing so, it becomes easy to load them and differentiate at the time of unpacking. If you do not have packing labels at home, you can inform the removalists about your precious collectables beforehand so that they can perform the task with perfection and care.

Inform the Removalists about Collectables

If you have a huge collection of pricey collectables and willing to relocate them to another state, you need to inform the interstate removalists in Gold Coast beforehand so that they can be equipped with sturdy cartons and adequate packing supplies for a smooth and stress-free move. Ask them to visit your house once before the transfer so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. In most cases, antique items include family heirlooms and porcelain stuff which need special protection during the move.

Professional Interstate Removals Now at a Low Cost

If you have a huge collection of pricey collectables and willing to relocate them to other state, Richards Gold Coast Removals is the best bet ever. With a team of expert interstate removalists in Gold Coast specially trained in handling fragile items, you can expect a safe and damage-free move at a low cost.

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